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    Our Goal

    Our goal is to provide personalized, interactive, tasteful, entertainment defined by your needs and limited only by your imagination


    Our Entertainment Philosophy:


    •We will never be on time, we're always early.

    •Professionally dressed to suit your party's needs.

    •Back-up equipment? You bet!!!

    •We will return your calls promptly.

    •We will make every effort to form a friendship with you.

    •We will play your requests.

    •We will tastefully interact with your guests.

    •We will play music at appropriate volumes through out the evening.

    •We use professional sound and lighting equipment.

    •Our event planners will help you make the most of your event.


    We not only specialize in weddings but corporate, school and private events. We can do it all. No event is too big or too small for Hats Off.

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    Geoffrey Cox - Owner

    Geoff Cox and his wife Nikki are the owners and operators of Hats Off Entertainment Inc.  Geoff has been a DJ since 1994.  Geoff spent the first six years of his dj career working for another service in the business.  Geoff left that service and launched Hats Off Entertainment in April of 2000.  Geoff's goal was to provide personalized, interactive, tasteful entertainment defined by you and your needs as a client.  From the start we have been a small company focused on the quality of the job we provide rather than the quantity of jobs we do each year.  Geoff works with all of Hats Off's clients to plan and create their perfect event.  Geoff believes that because he works with every client, weather he will be their dj or not, no client gets lost in the shuffle with Hats Off.  When Geoff is not entertaining he is an elementary physical education teacher.  Geoff is married with two children.  Geoff's wife Nikki also plays a large role in the day to day management of Hats Off.  You might have the opportunity to speak with her when calling.  She is incredibly knowledgable and is always here to help you.
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    Zak Bishop

    Zak Biship is an outstanding entertainer for Hats Off. Zak's enthusiasm and ability to get out and motivate your crowd to have a great time are his biggest assets. Along with Zak's professional attitude and great music selections your party will be a hit for sure.
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    Aaron Hicks

    Aaron Hicks is a party starter !!! Aaron has a crazy, fun, bubbly attitude and is always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done right. Aaron's organization skills, vast music knowledge and drive to create an awesome party are just some of the traits people love about him. Aaron is also a personal trainer. If that doesn't say high energy I don't know what does.
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    Chad Kendell

    Chad Kendell is an amazing entertainer for Hats Off.  Chad is always eager to dj because he just loves to entertain.  His professionalism and willingness to go above and beyond are a few of his outstanding qualities.  Chad also works in theater and with several local show choirs.
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    Jim Saxer

    Jim is a true asset to the Hats Off Entertainment team. Jim’s professionalism, enthusiasm and organization at your event make him a leader with Hats Off. Jim is also in administration for a local school system and very active in his church.
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    Donny Schenz

    Don Schenz is a valuable member of the Hats Off Entertainment team. Don’s professionalism and people skills are some of the best on the Hats off Staff. He is excellent at reading and playing to a crowd, and very attentive to the party’s needs. Don is also in administration for a local school system.

    Comfortable Trusting Just Anyone On Your Wedding Day….


    In our business we have to get it right the first time.  Hats Off Entertainment Inc. will get the job done.  We put a lot of time into the planning of your wedding with you.  Meetings, phone calls, e-mails, what ever it takes.  We annually work with brides and grooms from all over the country.  Our schedule works around your schedule.  The planning we put into your wedding will help determine the success of your wedding.   Our job is to run, facilitate and manage your reception.  Your job is simple.  Just show up and have fun.  If you have to do any more than that,  you didn’t hire the right DJ.  Hats Off will make sure every detail is attended to.  Feel free to ask other wedding vendors about Hats Off Entertainment.  We know what they will say.  You will not find a bride or groom out there that was not completely thrilled with the services Hats Off Entertainment provided them.  I promise you that.  Our goal is to provide personalized, interactive, tasteful entertainment defined by your needs and limited only to your imagination.  Give us a call to discuss your wedding and set up a time to meet and interview us.


    Are you having an outdoor wedding ceremony?  Let Hats Off Entertainment provide sound for your ceremony.   Hats Off can provide a sound system with microphone/s dedicated exclusively to your Ceremony.   We actually bring two sound systems to your event.  Our primary sound system will be set up in the reception location.  The second sound system is set up in the ceremony location.  Both systems are in place and ready prior to the start of your ceremony.   Why two sound systems?  Without the second sound system we would actually need to break down the system we used for your ceremony, move everything to the reception location through your guests and reset up that same system.   That means a lot of down time (about 45 min.) with no music.  By providing two systems we can actually have music playing in both locations at the same time.  As your ceremony concludes and guests start making their way to the reception, music is playing.  As they enter the reception site, music is also playing.  It’s that simple.  Give us a call to discuss pricing for your outdoor ceremony needs....

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  • Equipment

    This page highlights the equipment we bring to an event. All equipment is rack mounted. Speakers are mounted on tripods. Lights are mounted on crossbars and tripods and tables are skirted. All equipment is professionally displayed.


    Hats Off Entertainment Equipment List: 


    • APPLE MacBook & MacBook Pro computers

    • NUMARK - Stereo Mixers

    • FURMAN - PL-8 Power Conditioners

    • AUDIO TECHNICA & SHURE - Microphones

    • YORKVILLE elite E15 or Active QSC K12.2 - Speakers

    •QSC - PLX 3002 Amplifiers 550W

    • CROWN - Amplifiers as Back-up amps

    • AMERICAN DJ & MARTIN - Multicolor Lighting Effects

    • ULTIMATE - Light and Speaker Stands

    • UNITEC - Black Carpeted Rack and AMP Cases.

    • FENDER - Passport Deluxe portable sound system with microphones used for wedding ceremony sound.

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